Finished Quilts

August 2010

I am behind on blogging (and just about everything else)!  We have a new granddaughter!  Ellie June was born last week--5 weeks early.  She is doing well, but I have been on grandmother duty this week with her brother and sister.  Now I'm back and trying to get this blog organized.  Here are some pictures of quilts I've made in the past.

Here's the first quilt I ever made.  Don't look too close!  I learned a lot.

Here's the next--not much better.  I had a bit of trouble with the border on this one.

Still learning on this next one.  O.K.  I still learn something on every quilt I make!

I've always loved log cabin quilts so I decided to make this blue and yellow traditional quilt for a very big wall in our new home.  I finished this quilt in November 2001.

Now I've lost track of the order that these quilts were made so here they are :

Scott and Chelsea's Quilt

Ellie's Quilt


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