Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cupcake Costume

We have a deliciously sweet granddaughter who was a cupcake for Halloween!  Her mother sent me this picture for inspiration and here is what I can up with.

This was super simple to make.  

1)  Buy a t-shirt and slit it down the back

2)   Cut a strip of brown felt --  mine is about 14" wide and 60 " long.   Next make a pintuck about every inch.  I did not measure,  just folded and sewed how easy is that!

3)  Now stitch the felt onto the shirt, stretching the shirt as you sew.  I stitched mine a couple of inches down from the armhole.

4)  The pink frosting is just a circle with a scalloped edge and felt circles.

5)  Finally, I stitched velcro onto the little dress and frosting.

Here's the little cutie pie (or should I say cake)!

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