Monday, May 7, 2012

High Low Hem

I had a request to show how to do a high low hem so here at last are the instructions:

1)  Pin up the hem.  You will probably need to cut off some of the extra fabric in front.

2)  Place the dress on a flat surface.  Fold the dress in half with folds along the front and back seams.  Pin along the side seam.  Now you can make sure both sides of the front are even.

3) Once everything is even, hem away!  Easy as pie!


  1. I've been google searching for about an hour because my daughter wants my help altering one of her dresses into a high-low hem, and was so relieved to finally find this. Much more helpful than anything else I've seen. In particular, since we don't own any manufactured high-low hemlines I wouldn't have thought to confine all the high in front of the side seams, but of course that's just the right thing to do. Thanks so much for posting this.

    1. You are so welcome! Good Luck with your project!


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