Monday, May 2, 2011

Sewing on Knits

There have been a fair number of knit prom dresses this year so I've been thinking about how frustrating knits can be if you're not prepared.  My advice--Use the correct needle!  Here are the three types of needles that I use most often:

Universal Needles are used for general sewing on woven fabric.  

Ball Point Needles are used for knit fabrics, jerseys, and interlocks.

Stretch Needles are used for two way stretch fabrics.

Here is a sample of a two way stretch fabric sewn first with a universal needle.  Lots of skipped stitches!

Now sewn with a stretch needle.  Beautiful even stitches!

Prom's almost over!  Can't wait to get started on some fun projects!!


  1. This was perfect. I'm just getting ready to start a jacket for Max out of a jersey type fabric that is very stretchy!

  2. Great sewing tips! I'm your newest follower!


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