Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Prom Time

  My clothing rack is almost full,

My closets are starting to get full,

and there are sequins everywhere!  This can only mean one thing--it's prom time!!  No more fun sewing   for awhile.  I did manage to make a couple skirts for myself using Simplicity # 3845.  I  added a lining to both skirts  (I always add a lining to skirts).  The first is made from a navy wool gabardine and the second from a beige linen.   Good pattern for a simple skirt!

Tip:  Don't always play it safe with linings--it's fun to add the unexpected!

Over the next couple of months I will blog about altering prom, wedding, and other special occasion dresses.  If you have any questions about alterations, leave me a comment and I will try and answer them!


  1. Could you do a post about adding a lining to a special occasion dress? I am making flower girl dresses for a friend's wedding and the pattern we bought does not include a lining. So to line it I though I would cut out two of each pattern piece (one of the fabric, one of lining) baste the two pieces together then sew according to directions. Is that a good method?

  2. Could you talk about shortening a dress for a women who wants a tea-length hem in the front and longer hem in the back. What do I do with the lining? Should it be the same length as the front? Otherwise it will show hanging in the back? Should it be attached to the "tail in the back"?


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