Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Dolls

I had such a fun time sewing Christmas projects this year!  I can't believe how much I enjoy having granddaughters to sew for.  I adore Jack, but let's face it, it's more fun sewing for girls.  Here's the proof.

I made each of the girls one of these cute Black Apple Dolls with the leftover fabric from their Christmas dresses.   After taking this picture, I decided that I didn't like the face on the doll with the brown polka dot dress.  So it was off with her head!   The moral of this story for me is to paint the face on before assembling the doll.  Here's the dolly with her new face:

She got a new hair color also!

On another note-- I got a mention on the  Britex Fabric blog.  Check it out!


  1. Loving those dolls! The idea of using each girl's Christmas dress material is a beauty too...very clever.

  2. Love the dolls! And I love how they match each of the girls' dresses.
    And great job for getting the shout out on Britex!!!

  3. Oh they are so cute! What lucky girls.

  4. I took Macy's doll and dress to KC to show my family. They loved them! You're so talented :)


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