Monday, December 13, 2010

Beautiful Fabric

When Eric was a little boy he could spend a lot of time in sporting goods stores just looking at stuff.  I agreed to take him once and stay for an hour-- it wasn't enough for him, but I was bored silly.  I guess I know how my husband feels in a fabric store!!

Last month while on a little trip to San Fransisco I  stopped in at Britex Fabrics.  What a great store!   On the fourth floor where they keep the remnants and other bargains I found a beautiful piece of wool tweed.   I thought I'd try making this skirt again with a lining and higher vent in the back.  Here it it:

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  1. Its beautiful. Looks like the perfect office skirt. Good job. I love the belt to great touch.

  2. I chose this for the Make It Wear It Competition! Voting is open until Wednesday!

  3. I like your pencil skirt - congrats on making the top ten!


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