Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Variety is the spice of life!

Although I sometimes wish I were the kind of person who could start a project and then finish it before starting the next, that is just not me--never has been!  I sew surrounded by wonderful chaos.  At any given time I have the following projects going on:  First I have sewing for my business (which unfortunately takes priority and does get finished in a timely manner),  then I usually have a dress or two that I am making for myself (very low priority), next and very fun are the dresses for my granddaughters, and finally several quilts.  Here are the four quilts that I am currently working on.

This quilt is for Jay and Amy.  I love to have a hand quilting project to work on when I want to relax.

Baby boy quilt that just needs backing and machine quilting.

Baby girl quilt that I am paper piecing.  This is going together fast!

Another baby boy baseball quilt that I just started.  This will go together fast also.  It is going to be a simple rail fence.

Now I can't wait to start planning the next quilt!
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  1. i love reading your blog! keep posting the pretty pictures! :)


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