Thursday, August 19, 2010

French Bustle

It can be pretty expensive to have your wedding dress bustled, but it is actually pretty simple.  Here are the instructions for a French or under bustle:

1)   Pin the bustle.  This is actually the hardest part.  Take your time and try to pin on seams or embellishments.  This example had three pins.

2)  Mark the spots that were pinned together--I just use pins .

2)   Cut two 12" pieces of ribbon for each bustle.

TIP:  If you are doing more than two or three bustles you may want to use a different pastel color ribbon for each pair--it can get a little confusing!

TIP:  Grosgrain is a good choice because it doesn't slip like satin

3)  Turn end under about 1/2" and pin on underside.

4)   On right side, stitch in the seam to anchor securely.

This is how it will look from the lining side:

 If there is not a seam for every bustle, try stitching through an embellishment. 

7)   Now pair up the ribbons and tie in a bow  

Here's what this finished bustle looks like:

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  1. If there is no embellishment on the skirt or train of the dress to cover the eyelets, would you do an over bustle? What determines the type of bustle to use?

    1. Sorry it's taken so long for an answer, I've been out of town and ignoring my blog! It is rare to find a wedding dress with no where to hide the stitches. When it does happen, it really depends on the dress. If you have a specific dress your thinking of, send me a picture and I can tell you what I would do. As for which bustle, it just depends on the look you're going for and ease of putting up and down the bustle. Let me know if I can be of more help. Good luck with your project!

  2. I'm not sure how to send photos of before and after I finished the dress.


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