Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Flower Tutorial

Here's how to make the little bias strip flower on the pink dress:

1)   Cut a strip of fabric on the bias approximately 2 inches wide and 24" long.  This will be more than you need, but better to have too much than too little!

2)  Stitch slightly less than 1/4" from the fold.  Trim seam--Sorry some of my pictures are fuzzy!

TIP:  Make sure that when you start the seam it is much more than 1/4" so that it will be easier to turn.  See the picture below:

3) Turn and press

4)  Cut 1/8" ribbon the same length as the bias strip and put it on top .

5)  Measure in 1" and tack the two together.  Measure 3" and tack again.  Continue tacking at 3" intervals.

6)  Now you will make a loop bringing the first and second tacks together.

7)  Pin or sew and then continue for as many petals as you want.

8)  Finally cut off extra on both ends and stitch through entire flower center making sure to catch each petal.

9)  Finish off with a button.  Cute and simple!!
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