Monday, July 26, 2010

More Flowers!

Lucy needed a fancy party dress for a wedding this week.  Scott and Chelsea liked the lolly top dress from J Crew

Here's my version

Here are instructions for the chiffon flower:

  1.   Cut a strip of fabric 4" by 30"  (this is for a very little girl so make the strip longer and wider if you want a bigger flower)  Cut the flower on the cross grain or bias.

2.  Fold in half lengthwise and pin.  For a softer look don't press the edges.

3.  With fabric folded, taper both ends.

4.   Stitch a gathering stitch 5/8" from unfinished edge.

5.   Pull thread to gather.  TIP :  Always pull the bobbin thread when you gather.  It's easier!

6.   I zig zag along the raw edge just to keep it from fraying so much.  Start at one end and keeping the raw edges even, roll the entire piece up.

7.  Hold together tightly and take several stitches through the entire base of the flower.

8.  Add a pin to the back.  I sometimes cover the pin with ribbon to make it look nice.

9.  Finished product!

10.  I also made a small one for Lucy's hair!

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  1. OH!!! I Love it! I'm so excited! Now I know how to make the flowers for future fancy things. THANK YOU!!

  2. It is absolutely darling!!! So fun to see, thanks for posting. I can tell you are loving having all those little girls around!

  3. Thanks Kim. I do love having these little girls around. Grandkids are so fun!!

  4. Good Job Kristy! The dress is adorable!


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