Saturday, May 8, 2010

Online Shopping

Prom is officially over for the year!  Yeah!!  I'm starting to catch up on my sleep.

I often have trouble finding the sewing supplies I need.  Unfortunately, most of the fabric stores have turned into craft centers and the quality of fabric is not that great.  I did just hear about a new store in Wichita called Sew Much.  I hope to get over there soon! 

I use a lot of invisible zippers and buy them by the dozen at Sew True.  I also buy most of my thread, hooks, snaps, etc., from them.  This may not be that great if you don't buy a lot of sewing supplies, but if you buy in quantity they offer great discounts and regular free shipping.

I just ordered some smocking dots last week from a new place called Elegant Stitches.  I haven't received my order yet, but I did get a personal call from a women letting me know that it would be late so it sounds like they may be pretty good.

Finally,  I've ordered quilting fabric from a place called the Virginia Quilter and I was happy with that order.
There's a lot of cool sewing sites and stores online, but nothing takes the place of seeing  and feeling fabric in person!

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  1. I'm excited that prom is over for your sake. And I'm excited to see your new projects that you'll work on in the future! It's so fun to see your creations :)


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