Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Dolls

I had such a fun time sewing Christmas projects this year!  I can't believe how much I enjoy having granddaughters to sew for.  I adore Jack, but let's face it, it's more fun sewing for girls.  Here's the proof.

I made each of the girls one of these cute Black Apple Dolls with the leftover fabric from their Christmas dresses.   After taking this picture, I decided that I didn't like the face on the doll with the brown polka dot dress.  So it was off with her head!   The moral of this story for me is to paint the face on before assembling the doll.  Here's the dolly with her new face:

She got a new hair color also!

On another note-- I got a mention on the  Britex Fabric blog.  Check it out!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hemming Tip

I can't really post what I've been working on for Christmas... so, here's a little tip on hemming a dress with a curved overlay.

First mark the hem.  Obviously this would be done while the dress is on the girl that will wear it!

Next mark were the finished hem will be and take out the pins holding up the hem.  You can see that I mark it with pins.

 Slide a piece of paper under the edge of the curve, trace around the original hem and cut the paper along the line you just drew.  Now you have a template for the new hem's curve.

Place the template on the dress, line the edge up with the pins and mark the rest of the curve--again, I just use pins.

Now you are all set to hem the dress so that it looks just like it did before it was shortened

If you are doing a tiny rolled hem like this one, don't forget to unpick the old hem several inches above where the new hem will start so that it will be a smooth transition.

Here it is--nice and curvy!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Beautiful Fabric

When Eric was a little boy he could spend a lot of time in sporting goods stores just looking at stuff.  I agreed to take him once and stay for an hour-- it wasn't enough for him, but I was bored silly.  I guess I know how my husband feels in a fabric store!!

Last month while on a little trip to San Fransisco I  stopped in at Britex Fabrics.  What a great store!   On the fourth floor where they keep the remnants and other bargains I found a beautiful piece of wool tweed.   I thought I'd try making this skirt again with a lining and higher vent in the back.  Here it it:

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Monday, December 6, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Stockings

It's a good thing we have  double-sided fireplace because our family is growing very fast and we need the mantle space for Christmas stockings!!  I'm not a big fan of most Christmas fabrics so I used various colors and types of Corduroy and cuffed them with quilting fabric scraps.    I've identified each stocking's owner by adding a little silver charm of their initial.  The grandkids also have a little boy or girl charm.  

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hemming Tip

Here's a quick tip to help you out when you are hemming a dress that needs to have the netting cut.  Use a good chip clip to hold up the layers you're not cutting!  Works like a charm!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cute as a Button Reversible Skirt

Pictures by Amy Armstrong
Here are three of the cutest little models you will ever see wearing a reversible skirt with ribbon and button embellishment.  

Pictures by Chelsea Armstrong

Here's how to make the skirts:

1)  You will need two measurements.  A waist measurement and a finished skirt measurement.

2)  Cut four pieces of fabric (I used three different fabrics for each skirt).

    Length:  1 3/4 - 2 times the waist measurement plus 1 inch (obviously the longer you make it the fuller the skirt will be.
   Width:  The finished length divided by 3 plus 1 inch.

*Note:  All 4 pieces will be the same size

3)  Fold the band fabrics in half with right sides together and them insert the top part of the skirt in between.  You will be stitching three edges together.

I kind of roll up the top portion of the skirt and make sure that the top edge is out of the way

4)  Pin and stitch the three layers together.  All seams are 1/2".

5)  Turn right side out

6)  Press.  It should now look like the picture below.

 7)  Now add ribbon and button trim.  I did some above and some below the seam.  I used two types of ribbon and various buttons making each side of the skirt different.

I used a Chenille needle to thread the ribbon through the buttons

I stitched through the large buttons just to make them more secure

8)  Put the two pieces right sides together and stitch along the long unbanded edge.

9)  Press the seam open.

10) Now pin the last unfinished edges wrong sides together  (  I did a french seam so that there would be no unfinished edges--feel free to sew and regular seam and serge it if you'd rather)  Stitch a 1/4" seam.

11)  Trim the seam close to the stitching and press.  Now turn right sides in and stitch another 1/4" seam. Press.

12)  Fold in half and press well.  Pin the top waist together.

13)  Stitch 7/8" from the fold.  Leave an inch opening.

14)  Cut elastic waist measurement plus 1 inch.  An thread it through the casing

15)  Overlap the elastic ends and stitch together.  Finish the skirt off by stitching the casing closed.

All done!!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Birthday Dress

I love corduroy and polka dots.  Here they are together in a cute jumper!  I used Butterick # 4842 and added this flower with a button instead of knots for the center.

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